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We proudly present: GCCounter Version 3.0

GCCounter was first published on April, the 1st 2007. Since then the system requirements have changed. Not only the number of visitors on this site, but also the number of visitors on the cache descriptions have increased. Because of that the system became slow and the service often was not available. We tried to solve this problem with more server power. But this only helped temporarily.

To offer a reliable service again, we decided to develop a new system. This system is optimized for the new requirements.

With the new system we offer this features:
Because of the change the old counters are not shown in the statistics on this page. Old checkers cannot be edited. But they count and operate for some time. If you register in this site you can import your old counter data. Then all features are available to you. Checkers have to be created again.

We appreciate critique and suggestions.

GCCounter Team